Daily Archives: March 14, 2014

Litara books are available

In order to keep things going while our proposal has not come to a welcoming breeze, we wanted to test the market for this quality books. Come May 2014, Litara books were first sold in ALUN-ALUN Indonesia Grand Indonesia as a part of a group invited by Totemku for the children’s holiday program.     And as per July 2014, Litara Books… Read more →

It all started from 3

3 writers had a same vision of creating high quality children’s books for setting up the benchmark for local children’s book. They had a dream of creating 1 book for children to read each day for a year. A dream that would take them everywhere,   from London in IBBY congress 2012 with 3 starter books:  “Cap Go Meh”, “Rotan pun Jadi”… Read more →