Litara books are available

In order to keep things going while our proposal has not come to a welcoming breeze, we wanted to test the market for this quality books.

Come May 2014, Litara books were first sold in ALUN-ALUN Indonesia Grand Indonesia as a part of a group invited by Totemku for the children’s holiday program.


Litara books are displayed with other books and merchandise from Kelir


And as per July 2014, Litara Books are officially sold in ALUN ALUN Indonesia



and Toy City Pondok Indah Mall as per August 2014




Litara Foundation is a nonprofit organization.
For every books sold, we put the extra money toward creating new books for the original target of a book for children to read each day for a year.


If you are interested in our books, for direct purchase, re-seller and/or a form of co-operation, please contact us.

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